Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression often arises as a response to perceived threats, pushing us to withdraw from activities we would have previously enjoyed and retreating into ourselves. Staying in our cave can often feel like the best and safest option. But this withdrawal can lead to a vicious circle and can often make our symptoms worse. By tapping into the subconscious mind, solution focused hypnotherapy will help you reframe negative thought patterns and behaviours that often accompany depression. Through relaxation techniques and guided imagery, the sessions will promote a sense of calm and inner strength, helping lift some of the emotional weight associated with depression. Together, we will work to envision a brighter and more hopeful future, setting small and attainable goals and creating a more positive outlook. It will empower you to identify your strengths and resources, giving you a sense of control than can be crucial in managing and overcoming depression. It will accompany your medical treatment and can be a valuable complement, giving you the tools to navigate the emotional challenges of depression and work towards a happier, more fulfilling life.