Kingfisher Hypnotherapy Privacy Notice

How will my data be stored?

Kingfisher Hypnotherapy complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) . All data is held securely and password protected.

How long will you hold my information for?

I will hold your data for 6 years after our last interaction unless you request for it to be deleted sooner.

What if I would like my data to be destroyed before this date?

You can request your data to be destroyed at any time under your GDPR right to be forgotten.

Am I able to see or get a copy of the information held by you?

Yes of course, I will have 14 days to acknowledge the request and 30 further days to supply it.

What are your reasons for collecting this information?

I will take notes of the things which you discuss and also what information I give on neuroscience, this is to increase the efficiency of my service and to aid with my learning.
I never write down any opinion or judgment of the sessions nor anything discussed.

How do I know that you will store my information securely?

Any identifiable personal written information will be transferred to a secure laptop and password protected and then destroyed.

Are our discussions within the hypnotherapy sessions confidential?

Yes, unless I feel the need to discuss with my supervisor, in which case I will try to maintain your anonymity. Alternatively, I will take consent to contact your GP if I think you are at risk of harming
yourself or others.

What if I see you outside of a hypnotherapy session?

I will be guided by you. Some people would prefer not to acknowledge a therapist in public and this is entirely understandable and I will take no offense. Alternatively, if you wish to say hello then I’m
more than happy to engage should we meet outside of therapy.

Will you discuss information about me with other health and social care professionals?

Only with your written consent.

Who is the Data Controller?

I am the Data Controller.