Hypnotherapy For Emetophobia

Victoria Horton

Victoria Horton

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Hypnotherapy For Emetophobia

Recently, I have seen several clients for help with emetophobia.  Emetophobia is the phobia of vomiting or someone (or something!) around you vomiting.  This can be a severely debilitating phobia and it can restrict lives in so many ways.  Clients have spoken to me about severe anxiety leading to avoidance behaviours.  This has included a fear of going out in case someone vomits around them, or a reluctance to be in busy places such as the gym, in case they catch a sickness bug.  Their overall quality of life is reduced because of their emetophobia.

Emetophobia is more than just a fear.  It is a complex anxiety disorder that can often be paralysing, leading to heightened stress levels and impacting well-being.

The science bit 

Vomiting activates the sympathetic nervous system.  Our heart rate increases, we get sweaty and shaky.  This is just as if our fight / flight response had been triggered and we’re running away from life threatening danger.  For emetophobia sufferers, the memories of sickness are so emotionally held in the brain (the hippocampus) that even the thought of it can trigger a severe stress response.

How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help emetophobia?

I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to treat emetophobia.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective therapeutic approach that focuses on the present and future rather than dwelling on past issues.  Using this technique, I treat emetophobia differently than other phobias.  It is known as a complex phobia as it is often associated with severe anxiety.

The treatment for emetophobia using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, is a lovely and positive session.  Don’t worry, there will be no exposure to sick, or even talking about sick.  (This is the pink elephant theory.  If I say DON’T think of a pink elephant, your brain automatically thinks of a pink elephant!  If I say, DON’T think about vomiting, this is all your brain can think about and will automatically hit the stress button again).  We don’t want that to happen. 

Reducing anxiety

For this reason, sessions are focused on emptying your stress bucket and changing thought patterns by focusing on positive things in your life.  We will reinforce these positive memories and build new neural pathways.  Through deep relaxation, your anxiety will be reduced so you will be more open to positive suggestions that will help you move past your emetophobia.  I will then access your subconscious mind where we will reprogramme your negative thoughts around food and the associations of being sick and replace them with more positive, constructive ones. 

With a mindset shift, you can reframe your perceptions of vomiting and reduce the fear associated with it.  Using your imagination, you can visualise positive, calm reactions so you will remain calm and in control when either yourself or someone around you is sick.  You can then look forward and imagine a joyful future without emetophobia or the fear of being sick. You will also find all your other symptoms associated with emetophobia will then reduce. From overthinking to anxiety, moving past emetophobia will have a positive effect in many other areas of your life. 

Confidence building

We will also work together to build your confidence, which is crucial in overcoming emetophobia.  Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, you will build your confidence in your ability to cope with anxiety provoking situations.  This newfound confidence can empower you to face your fears gradually, to make positive changes in your life.

It is a lovely, relaxing experience and you will remain in complete control throughout. 

How long does it take to get better?

This does vary from client to client, although typically I have seen it takes between 6-12 sessions where clients would have hypnotherapy for an hour a week.

Sounds great, book me in – I want an emetophobia free future!

Please message me directly on 07791456886 or email me on victoria@kingfisherhypnotherapy.com or book in online. I’m looking forward to working together.

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